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How to use Alexa to find everything about your Blog

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default How to use Alexa to find everything about your Blog

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 16, 2010 10:14 am

In the previous article about Alexa,I have posted full tutorial about How to Submit Your Blog to Alexa.In
this article,I will be showing you how to use alexa service to find
each and everything you need to know about your blog.But for this,your
site or blog should be indexed and ranked by Alexa properly.Now if you
are confused that what does properly mean,so lemme answer you that it
means that your blog's rank should not be something like 7 only.Because
if it is so,then your blog is not yet indexed by alexa and it is still
showing's rank in place of yours.
To slove this,follow this link and submit your blog to alexa for crawling.

Now,if your blog is indexed and properly ranked by alexa,you can find
out many useful info about your blog like where your blog stands over
the internet,how much traffic you get daily and from which
countries,which website and blog is linking to you(giving your Backlink)
and much more.Let us see how:
Open the following in now tab or window after changing killer-tricks with URL of your blog.

Now,a webpage like following screenshot will open for your blog.

Now,the red arrow in the screenshot will show if there is any review done by anyone about your blog.

Because my blog is new,there is no review yet.Check if your blog has any!!!!!!

So lets move on....

The next red circle will show your blog's worldwide
traffic rank.The higher that rank,the lower the traffic you
receive.Check your blog's rank.

The next blue rectangle shows your blog's traffic rank in your respective country.It is less than your worldwide rank.

The next is sites linking in.Simply click on the number as the picture shows.

By clicking on the nuber,you can find which blogs and websites are linking to you.

Scroll down and you can get detail about from which country are you recieving how many traffic.

Hope this info proves useful for you.

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