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Blogs on HomeMade Crack Guaranteed $30-$40 a day

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default Blogs on HomeMade Crack Guaranteed $30-$40 a day

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:13 pm


is not for newbies, if you donno what is RSS then god bless you but even
before that spend some time on google to search and learn. I will
ignore all posts asking stupid STUFF, sorry but time = money and I write
these sloopy guides for people who have some background knowledge in

Hello friends!!!
After great response I got for my AutoBlogs, I decided to share this
method with everyone. I want to clear few things first, this will take
some time before you see the effects but this 100% works and it is in
grey zone not totally blackhat if you ask me. Further in my AutoBlogs I
said I was touching $3k a month, that is because I have mastered the
method to a level that a newbie can’t expect right away. I been doing it
for 2 years now. So please dont be discouraged if you do not get
results at very start but once you learn the basics and make a few, you
will see it coming. Further its NUMBERS game not quality but quantity,
so if you create 10 of these blogs you will touch more but as you will
see this one requires bit of work. Lets get started..
I am sure most of you have legit blogs/sites which you worked hard
for months or years and then added Adsense to it in hope that it will
convert for you one day, but truth be told your hard work did not pay
off, it is not that your blog sucks or you are not getting traffic, its
just that people are blind to ads, they are not going to click your ads,
you could place them in spots where they can be tricked but even then
the CTR will be low.
This is the case with most legit blogs, they have great content, they
get traffic but conversions sucks specially in Adsense. And this is
true for 99.9% of us. If you are not in the same league then you are
god’s son and stop reading this guide right now. But if you are among
others who struggle to get clicks read on as I show you KILLER Adsense
Method that generates HARDCORE CASH.
As usual, my guides will not contain affiliate links or
softwares that you have to buy for $1000-2000, nothing of that sort, all
the tools are free. Why I am giving this for free? Well I donno but if
you like my guides and want to pay me something you can Donate Me LOL I
don’t mind. But I promise you that, my free guides are almost always
100X better than those $500 ebooks or courses.

The Method
A few months ago, I added Adsense to one of my blogs which I worked 2
years on, for 2 years I added good content and did good white SEO
and all other kinda BS. I was happy that I will be making $20-$30 a day
LOL. I really had high hopes because my blog was getting 3k uniques a
day and had good SERPS. So first few weeks I was making $1 a day LOL
that is after changing Adsense color/placement/etc. Months passed and
now I was touching whooping $30-$40 a month. I almost cried LOL, because
I was pissed, all the investment and hard work I did was not paying
back. I was getting 1 cent clicks sometimes I wouldn’t even get a click.
I thought may be because I just started that is why, I waited another
month and I made another whooping $50 lol. I got pissed and removed all
the Adsense and decided to cookie STUFF. All went good I made tons of
cash with Amazon, but I was not happy with their payout. So later I
decided to remove all the Ads and keep my blog clean.
In short what I am trying to say is that no matter how good your blog
is, how good the content is, people are not going to click on your Ads.
You can try whatever you want, I am not a newbie I knew all the tricks I
tried everything but nothing worked.
So for a week or so, I sat at home and thought how the F**K these
other guys are making $5k-$20k a month with Adsense, I knew some had
premium adsense others were getting tons of traffic others had better
paid ads on their sites, others had good niche. I thought it will take
me years to get a site with 50-60k a day traffic. So I went to Google
Adsense Success Stories page, I went through all the submissions and
success stories of people.
It took me a week or two, but I read all the success stories, all of
them started like I did for my blog but they started back in 2002 or so.
I realized that my content was as good as theirs but conversions were
sucky. After going through all of that SH*T. I realized that most of
them were HTML sites or uniquely designed sites, so that gave them the
freedom to place Ads anywhere they want and do whatever changes they
want. Another thing I found out was not all of them were getting 50k
uniques a day some were probably getting 1k-2k uniques a day. But the
conversions were so high that they were making $3k minimum.
So I went through their Adsense placement and I found that almost
everyone had 300×250 Rectangle Format ads at start of their Post/Article
and this was true for almost all of them. Another thing I found out was
most of them had these 300×250 just after the end of the article and
before the comment section.
I also noted that most of them started with $10-20 a month earnings
as well, but they never removed the Ads they kept it and over time the
earnings went up. So I thought may be Google actually gives you shitty
ads when you first put adsense to throw you off but if you keep it for a
month or two then google knows you are serious about Adsense and they
check your blog and then they show better paid ads and also your
earnings go up.
The Sidebar Skyscraper was around few but 300×250 was the winner
without doubt. So I decided to add same format on my 3 years old. I
added and then I was touching $2 a day, I was still pissed but I was
like who cares $60 a month doesn’t hurt and it will hopefully/probably
go up in a month or two.
Months passed and my earnings were the same for that blog but during
that phase I was doing lots of Auto Blogs and I had Adsense on some of
them which was from my friend’s account as he didn’t care about ban or
I was amazed that he was making $5-$10 a day and this is per blog, we
had like 10-20 auto blogs with Adsense. So I was like which blogs are
making this, he showed me those. So I went through those and after going
through the logs and everything I found out.
First of all, these 10 blogs were almost all on wordpress themes,
softwares, gadgets and other technology stuff. I also found out that
most of the posts were summary and there was a read more part where they
could click to read more and when someone clicked on read more it would
just take them back to the post not the ACTUAL SITE with the POST, so
anyone who wanted to read the whole thing had to either go back search
again or click read more when they clicked read more nothing happened it
just took them to the same post url on my blog and it was still a
summary not the full post.
At this point I think people got frustrated and just clicked the
300×250 ads. So far so good, but another thing we realized that all the
ads were about other softwares/gadgets and stuff on our blog, which
indicated that these guys who were doing Adwords were probably paying
good money for the ads because their ROI would probably higher. For
example someone selling Nikon Camera which goes for $500, they are
probably paying at least $5 a click for it or may be more. As it is not
another $10 ebook but a good digital camera.
So that was another reason he was getting good clicks. I was still
not impressed as he was not getting good amount of traffic. And I wanted
to get more clicks and more traffic.
So I came up with an idea. I thought what if I create a technology
related blog and did the same thing but with better ads placement and
some SEO done on
it. I started the blog and hired a guy to just copy paste summary of
different gadget,software reviews etc. with a read more..
Soon I started getting traffic and clicks, I was touching really
crazy CTR and minimum 0.60cents per click and on average I was making $6
a day with one blog which was receiving only 50 uniques a day LOL. I
was amazed, but at same time I was afraid that I might get ban or
something. So I hired a writer and asked him to do me rewrites of CNET
reviews. With one guy adding the summary and read more from other
sources the other guy was producing me rewrites.
Now the blog looked legit and earnings were going high. But it was
not far before I found the ULTIMATE Adsense Trick. I thought what if I
have just OPTIMIZED KEYWORD RICH TITLE AND TAGS and nothing inside the body so a post with nothing but “Optimized Keyword Rich Title”.
So I made a plan, I would go to Google Keyword Research tool and then
put my main keyword and get all the related keywords and add them in
the tags field. My title would contain the main keyword for example –
Canon 4x Review = Title
canon camera review, canon review, canon 4x review = Tags
Body ==
300×250 Google Adsense
================================================== =
Of course I added more tags at minimum I kept 6 highly related tags,
you would be amazed at number of visitors you can get just by adding
good tags I have seen my pages rank really high in google for terms that
would seem impossible but they are not the actually pages that are
ranked but my TAGS, all my tag pages are ranked.
Anyways so I taught my data entry guy this thing and soon I had tons
and tons of pages like this. I almost got heart attack when I saw the
results after a week. I was getting sickest CTR I have ever seen, I was
making $20 from this blog. I was just freaking shocked.
So the trick was having optimized title and tags the rest was just
automatic. People were clicking everywhere. I installed crazy egg to
actually see what was going on and my Adsense Ads area was all REEED due
to all the clicks.
I was scared that I might get banned or something because this trick
was just working, and bringing massive cash. I decided to do something
different just so my CTR will go down but at same time I will make
something reasonable and also not get banned.
So I did the same thing again but this time in my body area I added some stuff only few things like –
================================================== ===
Product Name -Apple Iphone 3G
Author Name or Company Name – Apple
Version – 2
Price – $500.00
Review – not my type of stuff, its alright though, the Apple Iphone 3g is just bit too expensive i guess…
Now to make the blog legit, I started adding 5-10 comments a day
myself. I would just put random names and leave comments such as –
1.Not bad I like the screen of this Iphone
2. its bit too expensive for me..I love other apple products but not Iphone..
3. its alright not that cousin has one Iphone but he says its expensive.
4.I love nokia, and iphone is not in my country thx for ur review.
In my comments if you already noticed I left tags or keyterms as
well, now you can be more diverse I don’t have much time so I write
whatever comes in mind. I was writing really well written comments and
some sloppy types just to make it look legit. You would be amazed at
number of searches u will get from google just because of ur comments
and others will leave comments as well…
Thats it. Now I was still touching same CTR and making cash but now I
had this 5 lines added which made my blog look legit at the same time I
was adding rewrites and other stuff.
Here is a step by step Guide –
1. Pick up a niche, I love technology you get tons of content and
there are new things coming everyday. But don’t let that stop you from
going to other niches, there are tons of other stuff that you can do
quick reviews or write 5 lines about. Do not go for mesothomia or forex
of investing, these things are waste of time, you will never ever ever
get traffic and you will waste your time, go what people search. Like
gadgets, health products, book reviews, software reviews, movie reviews,
template reviews, plugin reviews, site reviews, dog products, there are
tons of stuff but I am really not a NICHE guru, so if you are beginner I
beg you first learn basics as I cannot teach you this basic stuff. Go
with technology if you can’t find anything.
2. Get a domain name, make it short and sweet and keep it .com or
.net, do not go for .info its just waste of time. If you want geo
traffic then go for or .co.(ur country TLD) so for india it would
3. Get a hosting – I highly recommend LunarPages I have never had
issues with them, they have good uptime and they are cheap $5 a month I
get no money for recommending them, you can go with bluehost or
hostgator if you want. I find lunarpages cheap and efficient and they
never suspend you in case you get lots of traffic they just move you to
cloud server.
4. Install WordPress, I love wordpress it makes the whole thing
automated, if you like things done quick and with ease then just use
wordpress, it takes few seconds to install wordpress with Fantastico.
5. Get a good looking theme not a spammy one where you can add 10-20
ads, remember one 300×250 is ENOUGH you will make killing. So keep that
in mind when going for themes.
6. Install these plugins, I highly recommend these plugins they just make the blog look better and makes things a lot easier.
a. Yet Another Related Post Plugin – This puts related posts after
your post, I love this plugin it just keeps the visitor on your blog and
you get more chances of getting a click.
b. Easy Adsense – If you do not know how to insert Adsense into your
blog, then this is one awesome blossom plugin, all you do is copy paste
your code where you want it to appear and this plugin will do the rest.
Just make sure you select the option to show 1 ad only and also delete
his code, because by default it has the Author’s code inside, so delete
all of them. You will just need to add your code in the first block and
make it align to center thats it.
c. DDSiteMapGen – Generates a sitemap, great plugin
d. Contact Form 7 – Best contact plugin out there, makes things a lot easy.
e. All in One SEO – This is great plugin as well, remember that this will be a blog you will work on, so that your income goes up.
Thats it for now, I will update this section later
7. In your blog add the following pages just so your blog looks legit
and not a spammy one — About Us, Contact Us, Sitemap, Disclaimer
Your About Us will contain info about your site just write whatever you want.
Your Contact Us will contain the contact form plugin code which will generate a contact form.
Sitemap page will contain DDsitemapgen code which will generate a sitemap of your posts.
Disclaimer – will contain a disclaimer, here is a sample one you can use
The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by YOUR SITE NAME and whilst we endeavour to keep the information up-to-date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.

Through this website you are able to link to other websites which are not under the control of YOUR SITE NAME. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

Every effort is made to keep the website up and running smoothly. However, YOUR SITE NAME takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

Copy paste the code in notepad it will read better, for “YOUR SITE
NAME” change it to your site name so if its TechReviewer then change it
in those 3-4 places.
8. Remove all the default links from your wordpress, by going to edit links and delete all.
9. Link back to 2-3 authority sites in your niche.
10. Create keyword rich categories do not use random categories.
Thats all, I will hopefully update this section as well in the near future.
Once you have your blog all set, its time to add content, you can use
my Auto Blogs on Crack methods to leech some content to start with, and
then just go to any of sites that is related to your niche and copy
paste their first 100-200 lines and post it with appropriate title and
tags. You should have about 200 pages by first week. Once that is done,
it is time to start doing the trick yourself or hire someone for $10 a
month and teach him how to do the things..follow the format I have
Hire a writer as well to do rewrites of some content for $1 you can
get lots of people from GAF but if you don’t want to pay anyone just go
to Amazon and search for your niche and then go through products and
just copy the reviews done by people, reword it a little bit and you are
good too goo, you can also go to other places where people add reviews
or comments and copy paste their comments and review just reword it a
little bit.
By week 2, you will have 200 posts leeched, posts made by you or by your data entry guy and 5-6 articles a week by your writer.
How to get traffic?
First you have to know that this will be your income generating blog thus you will have to do some basic SEO and work to get it going.
So here are some things to start with — (not required but recommended for better results)
1. Go to SocialMarker site and bookmark your blog everywhere.
2. Submit your sitemap to google,yahoo and msn
3. Do a directory submission for $8 you can do 100 submissions
4. Do an article submission for another $10.
5.Go to Digg and create an account and find stories related to your niche
then just add your link in the comment section, make sure you write
something meaningful before adding your link. Add 1 link a day to at
least one story. Start off by adding your link to stories which were
popular and which have already been submitted weeks ago. Do one a day.
Try to do deep linking and not just to your homepage. If your accoutn
gets banned just make another and continue just keep it under radar so u
don’t get banned.
6. —————————– This is a .gov yo
My brain is not working right now I will add more to this section.
Well thats all, within 1-3 week you will start touching at least $10 a
day. All you need is lots of links, do some inlinking as well to
improve your link structure. Do not worry about traffic, like i said if
you use tags and titles correctly you will get targeted search traffic
that will click your ads.
This system will get you clicks no matter what, I have tried tons of
legit ways nobody gives a damn about Ads but with this way I have found
out that people just click because they don’t get enough information. bounce affraid bounce

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