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Make money by exploiting young forums

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default Make money by exploiting young forums

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:19 pm

1. Find a young forum with a dedicated yet slightly naive (and ignorant about IM) staff. People who want their forum to grow.
2. Join the forum and either; a) build trust with it or b) contact the staff immediately.
3. Make a deal with the staff; you put CB your offers (make sure they
have got something to do with the general subject of the forum) on a
sticky thread and they get a % of each sale. (Tell them they NEED you to
become a big forum… I’m sure you can come up with some sly arguments.)
4. Offer SEO services, (You can, again, be an unnecessary middle-man
and get a % of it.) or just give them the tools they need to gain
5. Now, come to an agreement of how much they’ll get from each sale.
Since they don’t know anything about your commission you can say they’ll
get like 15% or something…Depends on the situation etc.
6. [Optional] If you want to make even more money, and be a jerk at
the same time, you can also ..not tell them when there has been a sale.
But I don’t suggest overdoing this, as they might get suspicious.
7. Once everything is set up, watch these forums grow in members, and
thus in potential buyers of the offers (related to their interests!)
8. In theory, you could repeat this and scale it up.

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