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default Talk Whatever you Want and Make Money

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:34 pm

Here is something I haven’t seen before I don’t do this myself but
did a little test and it seems like you could make some pretty decent
money doing it. The best part is instead of writing boring articles and
shit you can choose what you want to talk about.
First go here
and find a forum with a lot of traffic with something you enjoy talking
about. Once you find what you would like to discuss go to offervault or
do a search on an affiliate program that has something to do with the
topic of the forum.
ie: If you wanted to talk on a forum about taylor swift then you could
find a taylor swift quiz or even better she has a dvd on netflix so you
could use a netflix offer.
Second, this is the important part get Dragon Naturally Speaking. You
can find a crack but I just gave up on the cracks and bought it on
amazon you can get it for 30 bucks from amazon or ebay instead of paying
99 for it on their website. With the software you can just speak
everything you want to post and it will save you a shit load of time so
instead of making 100 posts a day you will be able to make 500 in half
the time.
Third on the forum place a link to your offer in your signature and
that’s it just start talking about things all around the forum
Here’s a couple of tips.
1. When there is a new post and you can be one of the first couple to
post on that topic do it because people are going to be more likely to
see it then.
2. Some forums have a limit of posts you can make a day so you might want to find 3 or 4 different forums and offers to post to.
3 Not only will you get a boost in traffic everyday you post but if your
lucky some of your posts will rank high in the search engines and get
you even more taffic.

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