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[GET] Indexing and Backlinking Script With 3000 Backlinks

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default [GET] Indexing and Backlinking Script With 3000 Backlinks

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 26, 2010 5:21 am

This was inspired by this thread where breakway posted a list of 3000 stats sites that show data about your domain so everyone of them will link to Your domain getting you indexed so fast and hopefully give you a backlink. So it took an hour or something to get automated script written and now being shared with BHW community

How to use?

1- Download and extract.
2- Open full list.txt which contains +3100 sites and select which sites you want to use and copy them to urls.txt as the script will only use sites in urls.txt which now has 109 sites that I think are the best and are fully working with quick response.
3- Upload all the files to your server and open backlinker.php
4- Type the domain you want to get indexed and click "Start Backlinking"
5- Hit the thanks button and create a mirror for the file and post it here

Virus Total

Download Link

Code: download.php?vaij224ywlj


Backlinker V2

I have just finished V2 of the script. Added pinging option so the script will automatically ping every url generated for your domain for faster indexing.

Download link for V2

Code: download.php?yalm5xi5w2z

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