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Firefox 3.5 has a lot to offer

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default Firefox 3.5 has a lot to offer

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:54 am

Developers claim it is significantly faster than earlier version
is the name of the game as browsers try to outdo one another in
rendering web pages faster, and developers of the latest version of
Firefox claim that they have improved significantly on that front. Version 3.5 of Firefox, with several other enhancements, has been available for free download (
from June 30, and has attracted attention in cyberspace. It comes a
year after the release of Firefox 3 in June 2008. “The newest version of
Firefox is more than twice as fast as Firefox 3 and ten times as fast
as Firefox 2 on complex websites,” said Mozilla, the public-benefit
organization that spearheads the development of the open source browser.
All major browser releases in recent times have
highlighted the faster rendering of web pages as a key feature.
Microsoft claimed it had achieved just this when it launched Internet
Explorer 8 in March. Google also highlighted speed as an area
where its browser Chrome had gained a decisive edge when it finalized
version 2 in May. Apple too had said that its browser Safari 4 was
‘lightning fast.’ But if users are spoilt for choice, all they need to do is check out the new features of Firefox 3.5. One
of them is location-aware browsing, which can be enabled for automatic
delivery of content that is tailored to the geographical area from which
the Internet is accessed. Websites that seek such information can then
use it in various ways – for instance, to generate a list of restaurants
specific to the user’s location. Firefox 3.5 also offers a
‘private’ browsing mode, which makes it possible for users to visit
sites without leaving any trail on the computer. It goes one step
further by enabling users to remove traces of sites they had already
visited with its ‘Forget that site’ feature. It also breaks new
ground by making it possible to view an open video and audio format
without a plug-in – an ‘extra’ piece of software that has to be
installed to open or play various kinds of files. Firefox 3.5
supports Ogg Theora, an open video compression technology which is not
widely used, and Ogg Vorbis, an open audio encoding and streaming
technology. This means widely-used proprietary multimedia technologies
like Adobe Flash will work only if the corresponding plug-ins are
installed. Major browsers offer tabbed browsing, making it
possible to open several web pages in one browser window, and shuffle
from one to the other by navigating to the corresponding tabs. Firefox
3.5 makes it possible for users to rearrange tabs within the same window
or open them in a new window by dragging them out.

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