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The Ultimate Alexa Ranking Method.It Works

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default The Ultimate Alexa Ranking Method.It Works

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:12 am

Hey guys whats up.....I'm not going to bore you and get straight to it.

#1 download firefox browser if you don't already have it.

#2 Download foxy proxy for mazzila

#3 Download Reload every.

Use Foxy proxys default option.Reload every is fine and ready to rock.

Now refer to the new Alexa Booster.Which i've already tested and works.
You can run this in mutipile windows.I did 2 windows at 1000 users an hour and another at 10,000 users a hour and dropped about 3,000,000 in alexa rank.

Now run all these before you hit the sack and drop some sreious Alexa Ranks.

You can run it all day 24-7 if you want depending on yout internet speed.

Give it a try and leave your feedback.Stay hush hush about it because i'm going to sell it to DPF.

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