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NEW - Completely Automated (and Free) Forum Profile Creator & Poster - Lots of Features

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default NEW - Completely Automated (and Free) Forum Profile Creator & Poster - Lots of Features

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:53 am

NEW - Completely Automated (and Free) Forum Profile Creator & Poster - Lots of Features
EDIT: I added a video showing this thing in action to the bottom of this post. I suggest that if you're going to watch it, you watch the whole thing as it shows very clearly how to use this software. The video is very short, and is best watched at YouTube in full screen HD so you can read what's on the screen.

EDIT 2: I'm already getting PM's asking this, so I'm going to clear it up right now. Even without posting a single post, by having your website link in your profile, a lot of the links are still viewable/indexable, as illustrated at the following URLs (just examples):


I shared a forum profile creator awhile back, and it seemed as though there were a LOT of people that liked it...even though it was definitely lacking a lot of functionality.

I read that thread many times, and have gone ahead and done a complete overhaul to the software.

I'm calling it "The Profiler"

Software Icon:

Here is what it does/it's features:

- Faster than the last one.

- Creates profiles at phpBB forums only (already working on SMF).

- Modifies the profiles with your website link & signature link

- Proxy support

- Saves successful/failed registrations - usernames/passwords

- Supports {spintax|signature|format}

- Supports backlinking to random websites from a list (lets say your signature is "Hey, look at this incredible website -> #website#" well, the #website# would be replaced with a random website of yours from the input file).

- Semi-automatic posting - This means you type out a simple post to make, and put it in the UI (this does NOT support spintax as of right now). Then you press play. It will then navigate to each forum you have a working login for, log in, and then pause and wait for you to navigate to a "post reply" page. Then you press play again, it posts your message, logs out, moves onto the next forum you have a working login for and repeats the whole thing.

- If a login worked once, and then stops working, it removes it from the working logins list.

- I've "idiot proofed" the software

- As long as your username isn't banned, you can post repeatedly using this software without having to type a single key...and it keeps track of banned/working accounts for you.

- Your input file of forum urls can be to any URL inside the forum...not the registration page or user page alone.

- A lot more tiny stuff.

I've got a ton of more features in the works. This time, I thought ahead to what might make the software better in the future, and I made sure to lay the groundwork so as to make it easy to add in things like:

- Start a thread and then go back two weeks later and comment on it (automatically)

- Ask a question with one username and answer it with another (automatically)

- Build a "real looking" user on the forum by consistently making "decent" posts

- etc

In the meantime, let me know what you think.

EDITED: There was a small bug in the logic that checked your settings. It is fixed, and I re-uploaded the corrected file. If you downloaded the first one, you'll want to delete it and download this one as the error is corrected in this version.

New VirusTotal:

VirusTotal Results:
File name:
Submission date:
2010-12-21 0321 (UTC)
Current status:
1/ 43 (2.3%) (it's the same one that shows up for any uBot made software, I can't help it.)

New Download Link:
Code: ?rd21yaat37tyyu6

Footprint to use to scrape phpBB forums:


"powered by phpbb" inurl:viewtopic.php

(again, this is best watched at YouTube in full screen hd so you can read whats on the screen)
(I just uploaded it, so it's still processing. Give it about ten minutes and you should be able to view it.)


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