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Make $50.00 to $300.00 a day with my affiliate program.

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default Make $50.00 to $300.00 a day with my affiliate program.

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:44 am

Here is what I am offering. I own Online Penny Auctions Bid and Win on!
it is a penny auction website. Here is my conversion ratio. 200
visitors, 25 sign-ups and 1-3 purchase. This is only based on 200 unique
clicks to the site. Why is the conversion ratios so good? Because I
offer 12.00 in free bids (20 Bids) just for registering and registering
is FREE. I pay .25 FOR EVERY FREE VERIFIED SIGN-UP also I pay $20.00 CPA
when someone purchases any bid pack. So here is a breakdown of what
should make with 600 Unique clicks per day:

75 Free Sign Ups x .25 = $18.75
6 Conversions x 20.00 = 120.00

Total $138.75 a day... $4162.50 a month.

Here are some quick answers to the most general questions:

Q) Is your site legit?
A) YES!!! 100%

Q) How do you sell Ipads for $30.00
A) That is 3000 bids x .60 =1800.00 plus they pay 14.95 shipping and the
final auction price of 30.00 Total amount for the Ipad 1844.95 cost
900.00 profit 944.95

Q) When do you pay?
A) Anytime you have over $100.00 in your account you can request a payout.

Q) How do you pay?
A) Paypal, Alertpay, Check, Wire

Q) Who are you?
A) I am the owner of the website and I have been in business for 8 months.

I also have a great program that my affiliates you to see live tracking
numbers from clicks, free sign ups, and purchases. The smallest purchase
from my site is 30.00 so we both win when they purchase. Let me know if
your interested. If so go to Login - Powerhousebids.
I will approve you and you will have your tracking code. I am on Skype
at xtremextc31 and am on everyday so i can work with you in any way
possible so we both make money.

If you have any other questions let me know.

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