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DawningSoft DOC2CHM v3.2 + Patcher

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default DawningSoft DOC2CHM v3.2 + Patcher

Post by samflynn on Fri Feb 11, 2011 8:57 am

DawningSoft DOC2CHM v3.2 + Patcher

Microsoft HTML Help(also known as CHM help) is the standard help system for a software application in Windows platform. But when you only have a Microsoft Word Document for you application, how to convert it to a chm file? Our DOC2CHM is easy solution. With DOC2CHM, you can easy convert Microsoft Word Document to CHM file by original layout. You can convert doc to chm by doc outline, page range or continuous html page.

Key Features:
* Convert DOC to CHM by original layout
* With DOC2CHM you can convert doc to chm by doc outline, page range or continuous html page.
* Wizard-style User Interface
* DOC2CHM has a friendly and self explaining step-by-step user's interface. This allows you to convert doc to chm after you have downloaded it from our website, and saves your time without reading huge help files: all possible actions are described in detail on each Wizard's page.
* Custom CHM Windows Definitions
* Control your result chm file style in your hand by customing CHM Windows Definitions, such as Content Tree Style, Navigation Panel and so on.
* Support Microsoft Word 2000 or higher
* DOC2CHM supports Microsoft Word Document from 2000 to 2003. Office version problem is solved.

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