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Think you know the darkest places online?

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default Think you know the darkest places online?

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:45 pm

Been surfing the net for as long as you can remember? Know the internet like the back of your hand?

Good. Now Prove it!

Neworder is arranging a first of it's kind SPAM competition. Each
contender will be given an e-mail address opened especially for the
contest. Over the course of two weeks, each participant has to get the
mailbox assigned to him spammed by AUTOMATED THIRD PARTIES (only!). The
winner is the person with the most spam in his box after one week.
Progress updates will be posted daily during the week of competition.
Note: follow the comment section for updates.
First and second place will receive a small prize - a personal domain name address.

The maximum amount of participants is limited. Registration to the competition is on a "First come first served" basis but regular users will be given a priority over staff.
Sign up for the competition by posting below.

Post Here

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Think you know the darkest places online?
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