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How i make 500$ each day with Adsense

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default How i make 500$ each day with Adsense

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:49 pm

Last year i didnt beleive in adsense as an income, until i started with my high keyword targeted video blogs.

what do you need to do in order to make real! adsense money.

  1. Hire 2 freelancers , each one for 40$ a day.
  2. one will build web sites the other will upload videos and write informative well written articles.
  3. workers must be available on skype 9 hours a day, if not - Fire them!
  4. put adsense right after each Title , this way user wont miss them - text ads work better.
  5. in each website open 10 well targeted longtail webpages with nothing
    more than good H1 titles and adsense block right after (- you will be
    surprised how good they can convert!)
  6. make at least 60 niche sites with 25 pages each (-10 have only good titles and well optimized URLS) each month.
Do not forget:

* change passwords after each project is closed (very important)
* do not pay before job is done, never!
* once you pass 300$ income a day - double the number of workers.
grab thousands of youtube videos for my niche web sites
*double check your article with copyscape each week - if articles arent
100% CS more than 3 times, charge your workers for a pro bono 2 day
* there is no magic, build good sites and you will receive back.


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