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How Trojan Horse Works

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default How Trojan Horse Works

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:27 pm

There are mainly two part of Trojans system : Server and Client.

Attacker installs trojan client on his own machine , create trojan server that can communicate with client .

Than attacker installs trojan server on target machine using one of the following methods :

  • Email : The most widely used delivery method. It can be sent as an attachment in an email .
  • News
    Groups : By posting articles in newsgroup with file attachments like
    (mypic.exe) in adult newsgroups are almost guaranteed to have someone
    fall victim.

  • Grapevine
    : Unfortunately there is no way to control this effect . You receive
    the file from a friend who received it from a friend etc. with USB
    drives or other disks.

  • Chat
    Sites and Instant messaging : Sending server files while chatting on
    chat sites or instant messaging services like yahoo chat.

  • LAN
    Spreading : If attacker have physical access to one machine on network ,
    he can easily spread server on other machines on same network , and get

Now we assume that server is installed on target machine. And move further with how communication occurs .

There are two ways trojan server can communicate with attacker's machine:

When targets machine where the server is installed becomes online
server automatically sends IP address of that machine to the attacker ,
so attacker can use IP address to connect to server .

automatically connects to client installed on attackers machine using
attacker's IP address that are given when server is created . This
method also works even if attacker have dynamic IP address using
dynamic DNS services such as or

the client is connected to server attacker have full access to target
machine . Attacker use client GUI for sending instructions to server and
server operates like that.

trojans also have features like bypassing any firewalls , automatically
spreading server with emails or network connections , injecting other
files so it can spread with other files.

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