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Yahoo! 2011: New Search Engine, Email Service. Big Announcements, Big Plans!

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default Yahoo! 2011: New Search Engine, Email Service. Big Announcements, Big Plans!

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:43 pm

Yahoo! 2011: New Search Engine, Email Service. Big Announcements, Big Plans!

Yahoo! has just unveiled its grand plans for the end of
the year as well as looking ahead into 2011. There are some major
product feature upgrades in the pipeline and you should know that plans
are afoot to bring the ‘lost Yahoo!’ Yahoo has lost a lot of ground to
Google, Gmail and Bing in recent times, but the company looks determined
to take all challenges head first in the near future.
For starters, theYahoo Mail
has been revamped completely. It is now faster and easier to use. IM
has been integrated in mail and there is Twitter and Facebook
integration as well.
Search engine has been upgraded too. You will get a variety of search
results, which will try to solve your query quicker. For example,
searching the name of a movie, will give you options from where you can
buy the tickets!
There will also be a dedicated Yahoo Mail app for the Apple iPad, because Yahoo recognizes that the tablet platform needs attention. Even a Starbucks community powered by Yahoo! has been showcased!

2011: Future of Yahoo!
Yahoo has also made it clear that the fact that it does not own an OS
will not be an impediment to its growth in the mobile platform. It
believes that carriers will actually prefer Yahoo, irrespective of the
OS being used on their mobile devices.
Yahoo also stressed on its advantages of Gmail and Hotmail in terms
of significantly lower amount of spam. The company has also been
focusing on improved data center design and layout, to cut costs.
So, where does this roadmap lead Yahoo to? Though
the company declined to share any goals, it has been reported from close
sources that Yahoo plans to have 1 billion unique users in the next 3
year period and earn a revenue of 10 billion dollars in the same period
of time. Huge!
While these projected numbers are certainly impressive, the question
is: are they realistic? Probably not; if recent trends are taken into
account. Though Yahoo can get to the number of unique users with
strategic acquisitions, the revenue target may be a bridge too far
because they are currently at just 6.5 billion.

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