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Why You Need to Hide Adsense From Social Traffic

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default Why You Need to Hide Adsense From Social Traffic

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:36 am

You may not know this but Google Adsense uses a smart pricing system
which lowers the amount you are paid when your click through rate gets
too low. This means every visitor to your site who clicks away within
seconds is not doing you any good at all. You’re better off without that
kind of traffic.
Social traffic is the worst for this. Let me illustrate with a real
example – The other day one of my sites was “Stumbled” and for a while
received a major traffic boost from StumbleUpon. These are the stats:
Wait for it…
These are phenominal stats…
Average time on site = 1 second (which has dropped the normal average
time on site to 2 minutes 14 seconds, I inlude it to indicate just how
useless StumbleUpon traffic really is).
Bounce rate = 90.14%
That means one in ten StumbleUpon visitors stayed long enough to raise their average time on site to one second!
One second!
That’s not even enough time for the fastest web page in the world to open…
But it’s enough to drop a decent Adsense click through rate to almost nothing, and the amount paid per click plummets.
Search engine traffic on the other hand tends to be a bit more
motivated, these are visitors who are looking for information, and far
more likely to click on an interesting Adsense Ad to get more
So how do you set your site up to only show Adsense ads to search engine traffic?
A fella by the name of Rhys wrote a good tutorial which shows you How to Hide Adsense from Social Traffic.
He uses a simple system which only displays Adsense Ads to search
engine traffic and normal text ads to all other traffic – it’s well
worth taking the time to put this solution to work on your own sites.

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