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How to increase traffic to your site

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default How to increase traffic to your site

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:50 pm

Many internet users are not familiar with the
term web traffic. If you are interested in making money through your
blog or site, then traffic plays a key role. Web traffic is the
measurement of people visiting your site. There are a number of ways
which I have listed below through which you will be able to increase
your site’s traffic.
The first and foremost thing to be done is the optimization of your
site. You must be able to compete with other sites when people type
relevant keywords in the search engines. For this you should research on
the keywords that people are often using. You must investigate why
other sites are showing up first in searches. You can learn this by
researching SEO or search engine optimization. A basic seo tip is to
submit your blog or website to leading search engines.
You might have come across a telephone directory. A web directory
functions similarly. You should list your site in web directories so
that the web directory visitors will see and click the link to your
Get you website linked from other sites. You might go for sites of
local restaurants, travel agents, party clubs and others for that
matter. People might visit your site through links from other site. That
in turn helps you to rank high in search engines. You can even get text
links from various sites.
You might have seen ads in websites. There are some ads that attract
you immediately. They are called banner ads. They are really inviting to
see. Having some banner ads for brand new products you are launching is
a good option. You may even exchange your banners with other sites.
This helps you in familiarizing your products in the cyberspace. Do
connect your site with other websites. This is called a web ring.
It’s a better idea to follow pay per click method. Another great
option would be what is called an affiliate program. Others sites give
you special code to sell their products. You paste this code on your
site. If any of their products is sold from visitors of your site you
will get commission and make money.
Try adopting pr or public relation technique. You are going to get a
news report about your products and site. This might drive others to
link to your site thus increasing traffic.
You could also go for email marketing. This might irritate people, but if are pretty good in your approach, it could work.
In addition to writing content for your site you can also publish for
others. They will place the link of your site along with your
publishing. Promoting your website offline might prove effective. You
can offer people with free downloads of songs, videos and update them
frequently. This might result in people coming again and again to your
You should always create contents that are of some use to the people
visiting your site. Place some attractive photos, small games, free
software downloads and sometimes even small offers. Hope these ideas
were of some use to you. Thanks in advance for posting my link in your

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