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How to Request Links from Bloggers

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default How to Request Links from Bloggers

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:41 am

way to get some quality links from other blogs is to ask bloggers to
exchange links with your own blog. This way you and that other blogger
benefit in both ways, providing some quality related traffic and link
rating important for search engines. If
you are a blogger, you have probably get some of these requests from
other people. I have to say that most of these offers are generated
automatically by spammers who want to get some links required for better
positions on search engines.In this article, I am going to show
you how to request links from bloggers properly. Requesting link
exchange with other blogger may only work if you do it politely and
respectfully.How to Request Links

Following these below advices, you will have a much better chance to get some quality links:

  • Be human – This is probably the best possible way to get some link juice
    for your website. You have to leave the impression that you are a human
    being, not some automatically generated robot which experienced blogger
    recognize fast. The more automated your request feel, the more likely
    it is going to be deleted!
  • Be polite – You need
    to know that other blogger does not owe you anything! According to
    this, he/she may approve or not any of your request without worry. After
    all, you are sending a request for favor and there you should be polite
    and nice in every single way.
  • Be honest
    Probably one of the most important factor is to be honest to them. Do
    not try to lie that other blogger. If you want to exchange links with
    them, tell them why you want it. It is always good to tell them what do
    you like about that blog they are writing and some own experiences with
  • Be specific – Try to be more specific in
    your link exchange request. We all hate when someone try to get around
    some facts, trying to tell us what is right or wrong. Do not try to be
    smart, only try to get some real descriptive facts and things.
  • Be interesting
    – After all, you need to sell your proposition to them. You need to
    know that people would not like to link to you just because you ask
    them. Try to write down some interesting request, different from all
    other automated mails and keep your first paragraph count. If you do
    this right, there might be a high chance for your request to be
  • Be deserved – It is important to tell
    them why they should exchange link with your website. No one would like
    to link to you if you do not have something to give out in return. You
    are trying here to sell something, so tell them what they would get –
    not you!
Of course, there are much more ways to get some
links from other places on internet. And probably the best possible way
is to use link bait technique [LINK] at start.Facts you should know

you do want to exchange some links with other bloggers related to your
niche, the most important thing is to be interesting and different in
your own unique way. We are all tired from the same automated link
exchange requests from spammers. Try not to be one!Other very important thing is to know your limits. In 99.99% of cases, bloggers automatically requests links from the big guys
in their niche. This is probably the worst mistake at the beginning,
because these large blogs does not need anything from low trafficked and
unknown websites!
My recommendation is to start with lower websites, similar to your website traffic and rankings and go up as your website grows.
important fact is that two-way links are counted less for search
engines than one-way links. So you (and your link exchange partner)
probably would not get some huge impact on search engines. But, at the
end, these links are counted too by them! And every little helps!

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