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What is link Baiting?

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default What is link Baiting?

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:54 am

term “link baiting” (aka. linkbaiting) is used through the internet by
website owners that might help you to automatically generate more
incoming links to your website from other websites. This is “just
another” way to develop quality link network around your website.Link
baiting is often mentioned negatively. But I would not agree with this.
For me it is a great way to get some quality incoming links to your
website – without purchasing them or even asking others to link back to
you.Get Attention through Link Baiting

There are many
ways where you can use this technique. Directly or indirectly implicated
by you or your visitors. Some of them may work better, through some of
them do not. It all depends on your technique and strategy – but
eventually you will get some quality incoming links.Since this
link building technique can give a sense of trying to trick someone to
linkback to you. Actually it is just one more promotion technique that
most website owners uses today – that is simply the reality, whether we
want it or not.
To prove this, all you need to do is
to check out these main “link baiting” techniques later in this post.
Then you need to ask yourself how much times you saw all these contents
on main websites or blogs you are following?
why link-baiting is popular today? Well, the most simple answer would
be the following: “Link baiting” simply works, and it is a great way to
receive some quality incoming links with minimum effort from your side.Some
webmasters would say that “link baiting” is not ethical. But what can
we do? It works and it may strongly improve your website’s general
ratings through search engines. Like almost anything online, people use
link-baiting technique for good and bad purposes. We can not change
that!Successful Link Baiting Techniques

It is not
possible to do the complete list of these techniques. They may be vary
from website to website and from service to service. But at the end,
they all have something in common: They are all trying to get some link juice from other online sources.

  • Competitions
    – This is one of the most popular link-baiting technique online. There
    you should organize a contest or drawing with a valuable prize. The
    prize can vary but at the end if you have a higher valuable prize to
    offer – you will have more competition participators.
  • Lists
    – List the best 10 blogs in your niche or 101 tools you use to get some
    quality link-bait effect on your website. If you check out the most
    popular social bookmarking websites online, you will see there are so
    many these kind of articles are popular.
  • Tools
    Create some quality and unique tool that can help someone to do things
    easier online. Believe me, this is one of the best possible way to get
    the maximum link-bait effect. Of course, the more quality tool or a
    service means more link-bait effect.
  • Quizzes
    Quizzes, surveys and personal questions have long been popular among
    people through internet. Create a quiz on your website to get some
    quality link-baiting effect completely for free and without using too
    much time and energy.
  • Statistics – Do a survey,
    complete all information you get and release the results. I found these
    kind of posts are quite popular on the internet. Through they are not
    widely used on other websites. It is a very good way to get some
    link-baiting effects, but may use a lot of time and energy to produce
    such articles for your audience.
  • Freebies – Oh
    yeah – we all like when something is free and available within just a
    few clicks. Check out only how many online freebie articles and
    directories are presented online and you would see they are all quite
    popular and interesting. Give away something of value to get something
    valuable back.
  • Interviews – Another thing to
    get some good and effective link-baiting to your website is to arrange
    an interview with a celebrity or someone popular in your niche.
    Afterwards, compose all the questions and answers and publish them on
    your website for a visitors.
  • Scoops – This is
    another very quality and one of the most effective link-baiting
    techniques available online. Be first to publish the news or try
    something new and useful anyone didn’t do yet. It is quite hard to
    achieve this, but it is possible for sure.
  • Resources
    – Resources have been always popular online. That is because they are
    highly helpful and may include loads of information on the specific
    topic. Create the ultimate and unique resource list or reference for a
    topic to get some positive link-baiting effect.
Whether you
like the link-baiting or not, you need to agree that all these popular
techniques are strongly helpful and useful for the rest of us.In
most cases, a website owners do not ask for a link back. But because
these contents are quite interesting and useful for most people, they
are willing to link back to them – with or without knowledge or
permission from the admin.But like with any other link building
technique, this one requires the time. Next time you bookmark or
remember something online, think why you have done that and use that
knowledge to improve your next link bait – this is the most effective
way to improve your link-baiting for sure!

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