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Smart SEO Link Building Techniques for Young Bloggers

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default Smart SEO Link Building Techniques for Young Bloggers

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:02 am

This is a guest post by Richard Chidike from If you want to add your post here feel free to submit it using our guest post page.
a known fact that there are millions of blogs on the internet today and
as such, you will only be deceiving yourself if you think that you can
simply set up a blog and go to sleep without making any effort to let
others know about it. Even
if such a blog is just an online personal photo album blog, you still
desire that people visits it to view those photos you are uploading. But
your need for blog visitors or targeted traffic will be higher if such
blog if set up for commercial reasons. In such scenario, you will have
no other option than to find means of promoting or marketing the blog
so, that it will remain visible in the faces of those that are your
primary targets.On/Off Page SEO

Many of the popular
search engine optimization techniques many blog owners are conversant
with are “on page” methods but, the truth is that “off page” SEO
techniques such as link building has proven to be much more effective.You
may argue that you don’t have any kind of control in the off page SEO
link building methods but, that is exactly why it’s more important and
extremely valuable for Google ranking. The fact is that there are smart
ways you can control how your blog is linked from other blogs and sites.This
can be achieved by establishing a relationship with the owners of those
blogs by way of linking back to those sites. When you do this, you can
advice those bloggers on how you want them to link to your blog and what
keywords to use when linking to your blog.SEO Link Building

your SEO link building efforts by getting down to some of the related
blogs in your niche and forming alliance with them. You can exchange
links with them but it is more beneficial for your blog if you can find
ways of getting just one way links pointing your blog. One way of
getting inbound links to your blog from relevant and top ranking
complimentary blogs in your niche is by being a regular commentator in
such blog.Make it a point of duty to always post very quality and
beneficial posts or comments in such blogs. You will get at least two
major benefits when you do this consistently. One of it is that your
blog must have gotten quality one way inbound link that will help to
push up its page ranking and the other is that you will be having
targeted visitors on your blog from these other linked-in blogs.Another
SEO link building alternative for blogger is by writing keyword-rich
and insightful articles for submission to articles directories. This
will provide huge exposure for your blog considering the fact that there
must be a link to your blog at the bottom of any article you submit.Other SEO Facts

just have to make sure that your articles are of high quality and you
can be sure that many other blogs in your niche will like to republish
the articles which will even open up more revenue basis for you.These
are just few of the many link building ways any blogger can implement
in order to build his or her link popularity. Also note that whichever
process that is opted for must be consistent in order to have the best

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