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Truly First USB Monitor For Laptops

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default Truly First USB Monitor For Laptops

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:36 am

Typically we see a USB monitor in the form of a screen with some sort
of VGA to USB converter VGA converter with a USB port, like the one
from USB Fever, but today we see a different version. Samsung has
introduced a monitor which runs by simply plugging in the USB cable to
any laptop. There is no adapter or converter required.
conversion from an analog signal to digital signal is made within the
monitor itself, thus eliminating the need for external VGA converter. The Samsung model reports an impressive 30,000:1 contrast with speedy 5ms response time.
Samsung did not comment on availability within the states or the
pricing, but it’s nice to see the trend of external monitors go the
route of USB. After all, what other connectivity is as simple and

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