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100$/Day....1000%working Trick (only 15min/day working)

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default 100$/Day....1000%working Trick (only 15min/day working)

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:08 am

I just set up a site last night and checked this morning to see $83 in
C0peac, plus a few dollars from G00gle. Took me 20 minutes to set up my
blog and I saw over 150 visitors last night. Things were clicking like
I've never seen before and my conversion rates were through the roof. I
got sales and leads. Let's get started so you can cash in...

First of all: I was reading some old posts on the forum and found a few
tips. I tried the method, and it sucked. So, I decided to fix it and
make a new thread. So don't reply saying "I saw something like this a
while ago"... who cares. This is different.

As I do in all my posts, I will post tools needed at the bottom, so don't ask for download links. I'll also post my examples.

Step 1: Pick a niche at your affiliate network
I'm using C0peac because they have tons of offers for many niches. But Clickb00th and Affilit33r and others may also work.

Step 2: Set up a blog at Blogger
You don't have to set it up here, but it's free. Wordpress is
unnecessary for this and will just waste your time. Give your blog a
title like "E-Guide to Real Estate" or whatever your niche is.

Step 3: Make it look nice!
This isn't mandatory, but people will trust your site more if it looks like you spent some time on it.

Step 4: Download Unique Content Maker
Download the software and gather some articles from Ezine or whatever.
One at a time, translate them and post them to your blog. I recommend
doing 5 articles each day.

Step 5: Integrate Ads
Get your ads from your affiliate network and put them into the blank spaces on your site. Go crazy, but not retarded. Don't forget to ad Ads3ns3 for some other revenue options

Step 6: Continue to post each day about 5 articles. You'll get natural
traffic. Don't worry if the articles have some fluency problems, it
really won't matter in the long run.

Tools Needed:
Unique Content Maker-



Tips- I saw results within 24 hours. I used a niche that is not very
competitive so I got lots of traffic, but articles were sort of hard to
find. Good luck! Hit the thanks button if you like!

For More Free Tools plz visit:

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