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Deface Websites (TUT)

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default Deface Websites (TUT)

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 26, 2010 1:33 am

Deface a Website

There are couple of ways that we can deface a website

3.Shell upload

like that .. so but today Im going to show you .. how can you deface a website using a shell so lets start it

before you upload a shell you need to know about shells


you can use shell as a tool .. Its more easy to use .. when you upload shell it will give you evey detail about the site .. you write , delete , upload ... or what ever you want to do .. so

How can we find a shell

you can google for that , or this are some sites that you can find shells

ok .. now we know about shells

How to upload a shell to a website

there are many ways you can upload a shell to a website but Im going to use upload option to upload the shell .. its up to you how to find a way to upload a shell coz there are many wasy ...

so lets see at this picture

[Image: 2psjd6s.jpg]

and here we have our shell

[Image: 1rswu1.jpg]

now you have the controle of the site .. you can do anything .. delete , upload write anything you want

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