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Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software

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default Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:48 am

Have you ever downloaded any trial version software and it may have
expired before you could have tested it for its full capabilties.In this
trick I will explain to how you can use the trial version of any
software over and again so that you can test the software properly
before purchasing its full version.Basically there are two type of
restrictions put by the software companies on trial version of
1.Disable some features of the software
2.Time Bound limitations like 5-days Trial version
This trick can extend only your time bound limitations hence provide
you with the capability to use the trial version of the software for as
long as you want.
Another big advantage of this trick is that it will increase your
system security.For this trick we will be using a freeware software
called sandboxie which very small(500 kb).It would protect your computer
from malware andspywares to make changes to your system. Sandboxie runs
the softwares in an isolated enviroment so that they cannot make
permanent changes to your system.Here is the graphical representation of
the programs running with sandboxie in memory.

Now,here is the step by step tutorial with screenshots on Trick To Bypass Trial Version Limitations In Any Software

  1. Goto and download the software.
  2. Install and run it.
  3. Click on the Sandbox -> DefaultBox –> Run SandBoxed and then click on Run Any Program
  4. Now a new window will popup.Click on Browse
  5. Locate the setup of the trial software you want to install.Click on open
  6. Install the software and run it.You will see # in the software tittle bar.It indicates that the software is running under sandboxie.
  7. You will get the trial of the software and the trial version will expire after the time bound limitation is over.
  8. To reuse the software again after the trial version is over click on Click Sandbox –>DefaultBox andclick Delete Contents.

onot let the software expire.Do these steps before atleast 1-day of the
trial software is left.otherwise the above trick may not work

  1. This will open up a new window and delete all the files created, Press the Delete Sandbox button to fully clear the contents.

Now reinstall the software as mentioned above and you will again get the full trial version.
1.This trick will not work if you have already used the full trial version of the software without sandboxie.
2.Sandboxie may crash if you run very large programs with it
Warning:This tutorial is only for educational purpose and do buy the softwares to get the full capablitiesof the software

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