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How to attract Search Engines?

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default How to attract Search Engines?

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 13, 2010 10:57 pm

think it’s pointless to talk about what the search engines are and what
they are used for. I will tell you that frequent visits to your
websites by search engines defines a good targeted traffic from the
Internet.After the engine visited your site for the first time
and found something interesting for itself, the engine will come back.
The unique and useful content is what interests search engines the most.
During its next visit the robot will look at the changes on the site
since its last visit. If there are significant changes, the engine bot
will come back to the site again only this time sooner. If there is a
good frequency of new content being posted on your site then the search
engine bot will visit you as often as you post new content.One of the good examples of the often updated site is the,
which many search engines call home (frequency of visits by the engine
robots). This is why I recommend to do a cross posting, in order to
increase the indexation of your blog pages. Another example is a social
networking site, which many optimizers utilize to increase the
indexation.Now I will try to list all of the methods I know that
will lure search engines to you, and that will make the bots love
visiting your site and finding something new.1. Regular updates or adding new content. The more often – the better. In reality, this is what they come for – new content.2. Ping the search engine systems when the site is updated – very common for blogs.
When you publish new post the “ping” (a message) goes out to the
engines telling them that this blog just published new content and we
need to index it right away. These
are the ping services I use (open your word press blog admin panel, go
to settings>writing>and paste all of the ping urls below into the
Update Settings box, click “Save Changes” and you are done).3. Using these
catalogs to register you site and take advantage of the RSS
technologies to pass Feed with updates from your site to the RSS
Especially for a blog, it will be very useful to add it to Last week I posted a list of blog directories
that I recommend adding a blog to here.4.
Creating a sitemap.xml (the map of your website or a blog) is a must,
since it makes it convenient to index your site by the search engine
A good site-map will be a tasty meal for the search engine robots.5. Posting in the Social Networking sites, from which the search engines will come to your site. There are many different programs that will automate the process of submission.6. Cross-posting in blog-services. Lately this method has been receiving mixed feedback. There are people that say it is useful and some that oppose it. It remains the fact that it is desired by the search engines.7.
Creation of the blocks on the site pages that have the constant content
renewal will be very tasty for the search engine bots and they will
visit your site more often.
From experience the best way to do
this is to create a block with latest comments incoming from twitter.
Try it and let me know how it works for you.8. Commenting on other blogs with the link back to your own blog or site still strangely works.
Believe it or not bu every new comment is actually viewed as a content
update. If you leave comments in the popular and well developed blogs,
which search engines visit all the time, you can attract engine bots
from that blog to yours.If you can come up with any additional
information that you have used and would like to share with other people
reading this blog, please leave in the comments and I will be happy to
add with the link to your page or a blog.

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