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How to make $1000 a day exploiting youtube

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default How to make $1000 a day exploiting youtube

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:22 pm

Step#1 – Sign up at a CPA network.
I monetize the traffic that I get from Youtube by sending them to CPA
offers. If you don’t know what a CPA offer is, well its basically like
an affiliate network where they pay you every time a visitor you refer
fills out a form. Getting people to fill out forms in exchange for some
kind of freebie that the advertiser is offering is real easy . If you
have an account at these or any other CPA I personally use MillnicMedia
network, that will suffice. If you don’t then I suggest you signup at
Step#2 – Find a good offer to monetize
I usually find offers that give away something free and are in vogue.
For example, a free iPhone. The iphone is a very hot product right now
and people are crazy about it.
Find such an offer with the network you have signed up for. Try and pick
an offer that has a landing page that is well designed and has a “call
to action”
Typically a well designed landing page is designed in such a way that
the only action the visitor can do is to fill out the form or close the
Pick out two to three good offers and save the affiliate links to a file.
Step #3 – Download the video conversion software.
Files that are stored at youtube and other video sharing sites are in
the “.flv” format that youll need to convert to mpeg. So to do that
youll need this freeware called RIVA flv encoder. Download it from
I’ll explain how to use it further down.
Step#4 – Make the video
Ok this is the place where I hear you go “heck I don’t know how to make videos”
Option A
Go to youtube or any other video sharing site and type the keyword in the search
box. In our example type “iphone”
You will find several videos uploaded by people. Find one that’s generic and doesn’t have too much branding in it.
The next step is to download this video from youtube or any other video sharing site that you found it at.
To download it visit this site
Enter the url to the video in the box. (make sure that the video site you are using is supported by them)
Save the file when you get the prompt. Once you have finished downloading the file rename the file with the extension “.flv”
Now we need to convert that video into the mpeg format. To do so
start the RIVA flv encoder and select the flv file as the input and in
the output box enter the filename with the extension “.mpg”
Here is one video that I took and added my advert in the start and the end of the video.
If you have camtasia you can add your advert at any place in the video as a callout.
If you don’t have camtasia then you can use the free camstudio that’s
given along with Tube Automator as a bonus and add your adverts into the
The second option is to create a presentation in powerpoint and then record that presentation with either camtasia or camstudio.
Creating text based presentations is a easy simple way to make your video and keep it short and interesting.
Step#5 – Make the blog
The next step is to make a blog at and add the code that’s
below into the template. This code will redirect the user to your
affiliate offer and since it’s a blogspot blog any body snooping around
will not get your real info as they can’t really do a “whois” search at
<script language=”javascript”>
document.location=’YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE’;
Step#6 – Upload the video to youtube
Upload the video to youtube and use a catchy title. Example “Win a
free iPhone” In the description add the URL to the blog. Do not write
anything else in the description. Add descriptive tags based on the
offer you are promoting.
Step#7 – Make it popular with Tube Automator
Get Tube Automator to Automate it…
Finally use tube Automator to post comments and vote on your video. The
more you vote and post with different accounts the more popular your
video gets.

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